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"Perfect way to save the $30 co-pay"

"Feels like a partner in my healthcare"

Dr. Preet is a good listener and provided very positive feedback throughout our conversation. I didn't feel rushed and I was able to have all of my questions answered. Dr. Preet feels like a partner in my healthcare, providing guidance, but giving me credit for knowing which treatment options and lifestyle choices will work for me. Loved her!

"Totally unexpected, but so appreciated!"

Dr. Ankita was not only helpful, but kind. She also followed up with me! Totally unexpected, but so appreciated!

"Kind of like a best friend"

She's so nice and caring. When there is something wrong, she'll do her best to help or give advice. She made me feel very comfortable while talking to her.. Kind of like a best friend, you know?

"Better than any doctor I've seen in person!"

Absolutely amazing, attentive, and caring. Makes you feel comfortable and is very honest. Better than any doctor I've seen in person!

"I love that my doctor checks up on me from time to time"

I love that she checks up on me from time to time . She shows me that she cares about what I go through with my health issues. She's most defiantly a keeper. I love it :)

"Very intelligent and intuitive"

She is very intelligent and intuitive. She helps let you know and figure out what to do next. She is a great doctor.

"Genuinely concerned"

She was very kind and endearing. She seemed genuinely concerned about my problem and tried to help me resolve it and give me advice.

"So personable and friendly"

She was so personable and friendly. She offered helpful advice as well as a supportive listening ear. She made me feel like I could come back to her with any other issues or questions I may have in the future.

"Expresses genuine concern"

Dr. Kia is very caring and truly a wonderful person to talk to when in need of substantial medical information. She takes the time to reach out to you and expresses genuine concern for your health and overall well being. She's awesome :)

"Very caring"

She was really kind and very caring about my situation. She offered good medical advice and followed up days later to see how everything was going.

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