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Company background

First Opinion started as a way for new parents to quickly check-in with a doctor about the little questions that come up everyday. It has since grown to become the place everyone turns when they feel like they might need to visit a doctor. There are over one billion doctor’s office visits every year in the US and 7 out of 10 end up being unnecessary. What if there was a free way to ask a doctor if it was worth heading in? Enter First Opinion, an app for that allows you to talk with a doctor for free 24-hours a day.


Mckay Photo

McKay Thomas, Founder & CEO

McKay Thomas has been an entrepreneur since he was 17 and his companies employ hundreds of people around the world. His focus on design and unique experiences has re-shaped multiple industries. The idea behind First Opinion came when he and his wife were expecting their second child while living abroad and wanted to have faster, easier access to a doctor for the questions that confront every young parent. First Opinion helps thousands of people get answers from trusted doctors.


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Jay Marcyes, Founder & CTO

Jay Marcyes is a serial entrepreneur. He was an early leader in social products with his company Plancast which he sold in 2012. Since then, he has helped scale systems to serve millions of people. He’s a thought leader in the startup engineering community as well as an active mentor. He balances all this with his family as a husband and a father of a young daughter and son.


Product information

The First Opinion app can be downloaded in the App Store. It is also available for Android users by clicking here.

First Opinion is an impossibly simple to use chat app that allows users to message back and forth with a doctor for free. Unlike other apps and doctor’s offices, First Opinion is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Coupled with creating an account, each user is matched with a doctor that will always be available to answer questions within 10-15 minutes. A small team of after-hours doctors is available nights and weekends to ensure someone is always available when needed.