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Gone are the days when all a doctor had to say was “jump” and the public would reply in unison, “how high?” The public has grown smarter and increasingly more independent. It’s a result of more information being made available and being burned too many times (remember those cigarette ads where a doctor would suggest smoking to lose weight?).

How, then, can a doctor go about building trust? And when should we know we have a doctor we can trust? Here’s a list of some things we’ve noticed that help in evaluating a doctor. It’s just a start, but it’s helped us.

1. Are they good listeners?

When your doctor is answering your health questions, she/he will say something that just doesn’t make sense. Turns out they are busy and they have their own lives and many just aren’t good listeners. In these situations, stop the conversation and go back to the details they may have missed. However, when a doctor says something insightful that lines up well with what you already understand about your question, condition, or issue, then the doctor is building a good relationship by listening.

2. Did they follow up or check-in with you later?

This is amongst the rarest of qualities in a doctor, but also amongst the most important. Has your doctor ever texted you or called you the next day to see how everything was going? The very best doctors do this. If they gave you something to try, they are actively wondering if their recommendations had an impact. If their recommendations didn’t help, these top doctors will make new suggestions, ask additional questions and try to improve.

3. Are they available when you need them?

Good doctors know that health questions and concerns can pop up at any time. They also know that many concerns shouldn’t necessitate a full blown doctor visit. That’s why top doctors will email and text with their patients so that their patients have more, trustable information without taking either person’s time.

Hope you find these tips useful. We have. Our team at First Opinion has built a doctor network and an app around these foundational principles because we were tired of not getting the kind of attention we felt like we all needed. As patients. as parents. As people.

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