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I know I am a good mother, but I still need a little help sometimes…

How much sleep does my baby need? Why won’t he stop crying? How can I increase my milk supply? Is he getting enough to eat? He has a temperature, what could be wrong? What should I do?

When you’re a new mom, no question is too small for a call to the pediatrician. But, let’s face it, no one wants to be that lady—the one that bugs the receptionist with every possible concern, until the entire office has your name, voice and phone number memorized.

The worst doctor’s appointment ever

I was worried about my 10-month-old son, Casey, because he had been acting a little strange. He was so young, and I was completely in the dark about what could be wrong. So, being an anxious first-time mom, I immediately rushed him to the doctor.

After what seemed like forever in the waiting room, surrounded by children with who-knows-what kind of illnesses, we were led to a tiny, bright room by a nurse with no friendly greeting and very little apparent concern.

Wouldn’t you know it? Casey’s fever had mysteriously vanished! He was acting like his normal self and I felt like a complete idiot. I sat there apologizing to the doctor for trying to take care of my child, while receiving a, most embarrassing, pity stare.

To add insult to injury, I had to pay for this horrible experience. I left feeling extremely dejected and confused. Could I do this on my own? Would it ever get easier?

First Opinion to the Rescue

Luckily for me, a friend recommended First Opinion. It is an app that let’s me text a doctor—the same doctor—anytime for free!

“Now I don’t have to deal with waiting rooms, copays, pity stares or questions that are too small or silly.”

Dr. Ankita has guided me through just about everything with my son, from bruises and bug bites, to fevers and falls. The response time is faster than I can change a diaper, and I am pretty fast! I feel like I have a partner who also cares that my son stays healthy, happy and thriving. Who could ask for more? Now I know I can do it, I just might need a little help sometimes 🙂

(Special thanks to guest blogger Nancy of Texas for submitting her experience to First Opinion.)

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