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First Opinion Helps Save a Baby’s Life

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First Opinion specializes in offering, well, first opinions. However, Ashley and Taylor recently discovered that they would also need it to double and even triple check what their local doctors were telling them.

It started after the routine circumcision of their infant boy Aiden. They changed his diaper several hours later and it was filled with blood. Concerned not that it was bleeding, but at the amount of blood that was collecting, they texted their doctor on First Opinion, Dr. Kiran. After seeing the blood their fears were validated when Dr. Kiran urgently suggested they go to a local doctor. So, they rushed off to fix whatever was wrong. However, the doctor rejected their visit reminding them that circumcision will always result in bleeding.

They returned home and texted Dr. Kiran in First Opinion again who responded by doubling down, “If that doctor won’t see you, then find one who will.” Ashley and Taylor found a second doctor who told them the same thing as the first doctor. Dr. Kiran’s texts, however were adamant. “This isn’t normal.” So they hit the road again for doctor number 3. This time the message wasn’t only validating, but frightening. Yes there was a problem and if much more time had elapsed there could have been a very serious issue.

The result is sad and dramatic. Baby Aiden has a rare and serious bleeding disorder. The local doctors that were seeing him after the circumcision were overlooked a serious situation, missing crucial details that time would have revealed. First Opinion’s greatest strength, a strength Dr. Kiran took full advantage of, is our focus on communication, listening and personal relationships. Ashley and Taylor needed a local doctor for Aiden, that much was clear, and Dr. Kiran through First Opinion made sure it happened.

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