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Back-to-School Making Your Kids Sick? First Opinion Has the Cure

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Cold, flu, or other illness keeping your child from going back to school? Talk to a First Opinion doctor 24/7 to get them better fast!

As summer winds down and kids start going back to school, the chances of childhood illnesses increases. Poorly disinfected doorknobs, drinking fountains, and desk surfaces become a breeding ground for germs, worsening the cold and flu season. According to the CDC, 71% of students miss at least one day of school a year due to illness with 56% missing 1-5 days, 10% missing 6-10, and 5% missing more than 11.

The consequences of missing multiple days are severe. Even worse than the direct childcare costs or copay to take your child to the doctor, lengthy absences have a real impact on learning. Research has found that absentee students (3+ days/school year) score a full grade level lower on reading and math assessments. For this reason, many school systems require a doctor’s note for multi-day absences. First Opinion has you and your children covered.

So what are the kids coming down with these days? Here are some frequent back-to-school illness our doctors can help with:

  • Flu
  • Colds
  • Rashes
  • Pink Eye
  • Allergies

Your First Opinion doctor can also help with the necessary documentation for missing school. So, if your child falls ill and you can’t get an appointment (to see your PCP or the urgent care center has closed), a First Opinion doctor can:

  • Diagnose and prescribe medication (if necessary) to help  your child feel better faster.
  • Document and send an official note to your child’s school to make things go smoothly when your child gets back.
  • Order follow-up tests, labs, or make referrals to specialists for concerns like allergic reactions.

Best yet, your same First Opinion care team is there for any family-related questions throughout the entire year. Start a relationship today!

* First Opinion doctors available in AZ, CA, DC, FL, GA,IL, MA, MD, MI, NY, NC, OH, PA, UT, VA, WA, and WI

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