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Understanding Allergies

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Assessing and understanding how to handle an allergic reaction can mean the difference between life and death. Not to sound overdramatic, but at First Opinion, we take allergies very seriously. For new parents, the thought of being unable to help your children due to an unknown allergy is one of the most terrifying experiences we can think of. This is why we’ve compiled a brief overview explaining what allergies are and how they can be detected in children early on.

What are allergies?

There are numerous forms of allergies; some can be very mild, while others can have severe, even fatal reactions. While many believe that food allergies have the tendency to be the most severe allergies, it really all depends on the individual’s immune system and its sensitivity to particular allergens.

When your body comes into contact with an allergen such as pet dander or mold, the body may view it as a threat; this is all dependent on your antibodies response to the allergen. These responses can be mild or severe. If your body views these allergens as an alleged threat, you will produce an immune response, which can irritate and affect the surrounding internal systems in our bodies. This can prove fatal, especially when antibodies react near the lungs, stomach or heart.

How can I treat allergies?

Our bodies will develop new allergens as they grow and evolve. The best way to learn more about allergies is by keeping a journal. This not only will help you better understand what triggers allergic responses, but can help correct those issues. You can always text our caring doctors any time you are concerned. They can quickly pin-point the difference between a casual allergic reaction and something a little more serious. 

Another way to better understand your allergies is by visiting an allergist and receiving an allergy test. From this test you can further understand what products, materials, animals and foods should be avoided to prevent a reaction from occurring. These methods can save lives; schedule a time with an allergist and keep a log with one of our caring doctors on our free medical app. It’s never too late to get a head start on your allergies.

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