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Could I Be Pregnant?

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My period is late, what could that mean?

There are so many elements of the carefully balanced mechanism that is a women’s menstrual cycle. To add to the confusion, one’s cycle duration, appearance and frequency can easily be thrown off by added stress, a change in birth control, diet and exercise or, you guessed it, pregnancy.

We all know that becoming a parent, as is commonly suggested, is the best thing that could possibly happen to a person, but right now might be the worst possible time for it to happen. Or it might be the most anticipated event in your world.

With so many uncertainties and its life-changing impact, it is no wonder that women are asking their doctor:

  • Why is my period late?
  • Could I be pregnant?
  • What birth control is best for me?
  • Is it normal to have two periods in one month?
  • How can I regulate my cycle?

Or, if they are ready for that next step:

  • I want to get pregnant, how should I start?
  • When am I most fertile?
  • Do diet and exercise impact fertility?
  • I am spotting, could it be implantation bleeding?
  • When should I test to get the most accurate result?
  • Are urine or blood tests better?
  • I have PCOS, does that mean I can never get pregnant?

Trusted friends, family members and associates have their own opinions, but when it comes to something so important, most women want the opinion that counts

“This is a beautiful phase, one filled with both joy and uncertainties. We read so many things, listen to so many stories from other moms and have a lot of questions of our own. So if you have any, please feel free to ask me by downloading the First Opinion application.” —Your Very Own First Opinion Certified Doctor

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