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We have a new family tradition and a new love for spending time together.

I know I can use the First Opinion app whenever I need free answers from doctors anytime I have a medical-related question or concern. My personal doctor really surprised me, however, when she suggested something else that she felt would benefit my life: family hour.

Doctor Preet explained that family hour was a time to focus entirely on enjoying each other—completely void of typical work and life distractions.

I was slightly skeptical at first; I am a stay-at-home mom, after all, so every hour of my life seems like “family hour.” I know I get a little distracted from time to time though, and my doctor seemed to think that we would find it beneficial.

“Do anything!” she urged. “Read together, play outside, do a craft, go on a walk, bake cookies—anything! But no touching your cell phones.” – Doctor Preet

I talked to my husband and we both agreed it was a good idea and that we should try it. We dedicated one hour on Wednesday evenings to leave our phones behind and spend time as a family.

I can’t even explain how much fun we had! The kids seemed to respond really well to having our undivided attention, my husband enjoyed feeling more involved and I felt like I was playing a more active role in my children’s lives. I know that I feed them, bathe them, wash their clothes and take care of them, however, focusing on just enjoying them for an hour seemed to develop our relationship in a very different and positive way.

I couldn’t wait to tell Doctor Preet about our family hour; she was happy to hear that we had followed through and enjoyed such wonderful results. I can’t wait to see what ideas she comes up with next!

Family hour has become a new family tradition for us and reminds me, especially, to focus on the things that are important and lasting. The kids are always excited for it, and my husband and I are careful to reserve time for it even when our schedules get a little hectic.

In a way, being less connected has made us infinitely more connected. Download the First Opinion app and get free answers fr0m doctors. Get information and suggestions on how to get more out of your health and your life.

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