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For First Opinion trying to invent the future of healthcare isn’t a platitude, it’s an exercise. We have studied the current system and observed doctors in their offices and have taken notes around what works and what needs improvement.

One of the biggest differences between First Opinion doctors and all other doctors on any other service is that First Opinion doctors check-in frequently, even for free members of the service. A check-in is a personal, unprompted message from your doctor checking-in on your well being. They occur every couple weeks to every month depending on individual circumstances. We can do this because of the types of doctors we select to be First Opinion certified doctors.

“Dr. Kia is very caring and truly a wonderful person to talk to when in need of substantial medical information. She takes the time to reach out to you and expresses genuine concern for your health and overall well being. She’s awesome!” Recent First Opinion Member

Less than 1% of doctor applicants are ever matched with members of the service. Due to this overwhelming demand to work as a First Opinion doctor we get to be very selective. The only doctors accepted are those who believe that the current system isn’t what it could be. We don’t just look at what medical school each doctor attended and their certifications, as most offices and services do. We do extensive interviewing around bedside manner, listening skills and communication style.

This is why First Opinion is the future of healthcare. Better doctors who put people first. Listening is why our doctors are here, 24-hours a day. Your doctor will even check-in from time to time, always, because those are the types of doctors you deserve. That’s the future of healthcare at First Opinion.

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