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When people first began visiting doctors, it was a very intimate experience. It was always someone in the community who was trusted and available to help. Healthcare has since become very impersonal and frustrating. First Opinion is now bringing back that intimacy through our exclusive doctor matching service.

After you download the First Opinion app from the App Store, a unique matching process connects you to one, single certified doctor, perfectly suited to meet your needs and concerns. Together with a small team of doctors who cover after-hours, your doctor is available 24-hours a day, without exception.

Benefits Of Having One Doctor

  • No more re-explaining or starting over with a new doctor.
  • No more reminding them of your name or your family.
  • No more after-hours doctors, except in emergencies.
  • No more terrifying WebMD forums or articles.
  • Always pick up right where you left off.
  • Always have a doctor who knows the whole story.

Consults are free for responses within 24 hours and enable you to go back and forth with your doctor. You can upgrade your plan for just $9 a month to receive responses within 5 minutes and to send photos of a rash.  Your matched doctor checks-in after your chat to see how you’re doing and offer additional help if it’s needed. That’s that magic of having one doctor unifying all your healthcare questions.

“I really appreciate how attentive Dr. Ankita is. She checked back often to make sure I was getting well and offered lots of very helpful suggestions. I will have many more questions for her.” Rachel, First Opinion User

Being in a growing family means that a doctor is a very real and active part of your life. Whether its every month or every 6 months, visiting the doctor for the latest issue is a real drag. However, texting a doctor first, before you ever set up an appointment, take half a day off of work or spend $30 on a co-pay is a practice that tens of thousands of families are trying and loving all across the country.

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First Opinion is the free way to talk to a doctor

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