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Don’t Put off Visiting the Doctor

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Feeling out of sorts? Get immediate help from a First Opinion doctor before it gets worse (and costs more!).

In an age where health information and treatment options are abundantly available (online and over-the-counter) and heavily advertised, consumers may believe any unexpected ache, rash, or cough can be taken care of on their own. In 2015, 1 in 4 insured consumers skipped care from a doctor because of costs according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. And 35% of consumers tried self-remedying before asking a doctor.

However, the immediate relief to your pocketbooks self-treatment provides actually could end up costing you more than just your money in the end. Here are some quick stats that show how asking a doctor immediately may be the best first step.

  • 33% of cancers could have been prevented if screened earlier (World Health Organization)
  • 20-40% of heart, pulmonary (lung), and stroke yearly deaths could have been prevented with a proper treatment plan and behavior change (Center for Disease Control)
  • 6% of ER visits could have been avoided with proper primary care (Truven Health MarketScan)

And while certain online resources are indeed helpful, a medical professional can go beyond a list of search results by:

  • Considering your symptoms in the context of your medical history
  • Making sure remedies don’t interact negatively with existing regimens or external factors
  • Doing actual physical or blood tests to more accurately diagnose symptom sources and prescribe the right treatment plan

First Opinion doctors can help you quickly, at any hour of the day. Talk to a doctor in your state today!


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