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Good News and First Opinion Reviews

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Woohoo! We got some weeLove and new First Opinion reviews.

Earlier this week, the baby products specialist website weeSpring posted an awesome article about First Opinion and how we make new parent’s lives easier and more enjoyable. We are honored to be featured on the weeLove section of their blog!


Their article includes an overview of what parents need to know about our app. In their words:


New parents have a zillion questions when it comes to the health and well-being of their babies. Rather than diagnose via Google or spend anxious hours in a waiting room, now you can get fast, easy access to a doctor without leaving the house… First Opinion is your new first step in getting your health questions answered.


We are proud to see how our service is improving parenting. We love helping families make healthcare easier to manage.


WeeSpring has a variety of trustworthy reviews of baby products and resources for moms. Their reviews range from baby gear to parenting apps and their website features a strong community of parents supporting parents. The best part of weeSpring is that the reviews are by real people, who are eager to share insightful experiences with the parenting community.


We believe that weeSpring is a great place for every new and existing parent to check out. Take a quick look at their article and read frank First Opinion reviews from their parenting community. After reading, click here to learn more about First Opinion and our 24/7 free doctor service!
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