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Celebrate National Yoga Month!

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Yoga is more than mats and poses like downward facing dog and bird of paradise; Yoga is a personal journey that will improve your mind and your body. With Yoga’s growing popularity among millennials, parents and the elderly, practicing has become more accessible than ever.

If it feels intimidating to get started, you can always use our free doctor app to walk you through what to expect. To get you ready, our caring doctors of First Opinion have provided a quick list of tips.

Tip #1 – Find the Right Routine and Style

There are multiple forms of Yoga with numerous benefits. Researching the various styles and picking the right one is a personal choice that can affect your health. Use our free doctor app to learn more about the various styles of yoga; from Bikram to Hatha, figure out which style suits you and your health needs!

Tip #2 – Child’s Pose is Your Friend

Even after finding your right routine and style, you still have a long way to go! This is a journey and while many Yogis will bend every which way, never try anything that you aren’t comfortable with! You can always return to the resting child’s pose position.

Tip #3 – Believe or not LuluLemon is not the official uniform for class

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. While you could drop a small fortune to dress the “part”, will it really get you any further? Wear what you want to wear; you are there to better yourself, not to win any fashion contests.

Tip #4 – Keep an Open Mind

Ever hear the expression, check your attitude at the door? Practicing yoga should be used to find inner peace and help you refocus your energy by exerting all of your negative energy throughout your session. Leave your issues with your shoes and street clothes and focus on your journey.

Tip #5 – Hydrate

While this might seem like a simple thing, many do not associate yoga as an overly physical activity; they couldn’t be more wrong. Hydrating will help restore essential fluids and reduce lactic acid build up in your muscles, making your recovery a little easier. Use our free doctor app to learn about which fluids you should be drinking after physical activity.

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