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Headaches During Pregnancy

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Getting help in a matter of minutes

Sarah started having headaches when she first became pregnant and felt like she had tried everything under the sun to make them go away.  She consulted her primary care physician, but wasn’t able to find any relief in the first few months of her pregnancy.  As the headaches progressively became more frequent, so too did her searching the internet for answers on websites like WebMD and others that give decent information but have no way of making it relevant to the individual.  When Sarah happened to come across First Opinion, she decided to give it a try and so she downloaded the iPhone application.

“Within a couple minutes,” Sarah says, “I was matched to Dr. Bosky – a degreed doctor who apparently works full time with First Opinion and has over ten years of experience with primary care issues as I later learned.”

Sarah described the headaches she was having to Dr. Bosky and immediately they went back and forth about headaches during pregnancy and what causes them.  Sarah notes “It was an experience unlike any other interaction I have ever had with a doctor.  Dr. Bosky gave me over an hour of her time and even sent me a follow-up the next day to see how I was doing.”

Over the next few months, Sarah noticed her headaches were less frequent and less severe thanks to the information she learned from Dr. Bosky.  And aside from using First Opinion to ask questions about how to treat her headaches, Sarah has been able to develop a relationship with Dr. Bosky.

“She feels more like a friend than a doctor and she has helped me answer tons of other questions about my pregnancy.  Now that I am almost ready to deliver, Dr. Bosky has already started helping me prepare for everything I will need to be thinking about when we bring home the newest member of our family from the hospital,” said Sarah.

People like Sarah use the First Opinion platform every day to help them answer a wide range of health care concerns.   Whether one is dealing with a child who has a high fever or a screaming baby that won’t fall asleep, First Opinion offers live access to a certified doctor from the convenience of your iPhone.  Sarah recalls, “I remember thinking to myself that this was too good to be true.  I kept waiting for Dr. Bosky to tell me my time was up and that she had to go help another patient, but it turned out that she never did.  She just kept answering my questions and teaching me things about my pregnancy and the changes my body was experiencing.  I’ve never had a relationship with a doctor like Dr. Bosky who truly cares and is available whenever I need her.  She gives great advice and I am so happy that I found First Opinion.”


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