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health questions? we got you!

Health questions? We got you covered

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Did you know that studies show that around 70% of E.R. visits are unnecessary?

We are generally pretty confident in a hospital’s ability to handle our health questions and concerns when necessary; what many of us are less confident in, however, is our ability to know when that is.

For many health questions there is a spectrum of what is typical, and can be easily dealt with at home or at a pre-scheduled check up, and what is more serious and can worsen if not properly examined, diagnosed and treated right away. While we hope the majority of our concerns will fall within the range of what is typical, it is rarely a clear picture.

Information from a medical professional can help clear the picture. Everyday, First Opinion doctors allow users to text a doctor and help educate people on common issues and how to know when they have become a more serious concern.

First Opinion doctors help:

  • Educate you on your health concerns
  • Inform you on your options
  • Offer tips and suggestions on how to find relief or manage pain
  • Check-in on you frequently to see how you are doing

Emergency room visits can be stressful and expensive; and we would like to decrease those unnecessary visits! Receiving information from a personal doctor can be a valuable resource, enabling you to make your own informed decisions.

“I have never wanted to be the mom who takes her son to the emergency room every time he coughs, but when there are so many unknowns I just felt like it was better to be safe than sorry. Now that I can text a doctor at any time, I can feel much more informed and confident when faced with difficult choices.” –Julie, First Opinion User

Download the First Opinion App, and message your doctor to get valuable information on your concerns.

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