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Healthy Aging Habits

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September is Healthy Aging Month and now is the time to reevaluate your habits!

It’s never too late to turn your life around; never too late to remind yourself that you only have one life and one body, so take care of it. September is healthy aging month. This awareness month was started 20 years ago by Healthy Aging Magazine. We suggest this month as a good time to reflect and plan for a healthier and better you. It’s easy with First Opinion! First Opinion wants to help guide you on your journey to a healthier you with a few quick guidelines.   

Stay Positive. But a little pragmatic too.

It’s hard to stay positive all the time, but come on; life is a pretty sweet deal. While we aren’t saying it’s all roses, you have to remember that staying positive can give you the energy and confidence you need to get through some tough times. Keeping positive with an air of pragmatism goes a long way.

You call that posture?

A lot of people don’t realize this, but we get lazier with our posture as we get older. Sure, looking at a classroom full of teenagers may suggest otherwise, but as we get older, our bodies form into postures that are not conducive to maintaining a healthy stature. Making a conscious effort to correct your posture each day will not only help your spine and overall appearance, but may surprise your doctor too. Our free doctor app can give you all the exercises and stretches you need to get started. 

Leave your heart on the dancefloor…or canvas

Taking up a creative outlet such as writing, painting or even photography can be one way to explore and engage in your surrounding world. Look into classes at your local community center, scour craigslist for used cameras or pick up a pen and start writing; and yes, starting up salsa lessons is another way to spark up your life.

Remain calm, getting old is ok.

There are no two ways around it; you are getting older everyday. But that shouldn’t mean instant panic! In fact it should be a celebration!  Enjoy your life and remember that you always have access our free doctor app to ask any burning questions you may have along your journey of life.

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