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How to Eat Less and Do More

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We have all heard about different fad diets and extreme workouts, but sometimes the basics are the trick to getting, and staying, healthy.

Without a doubt, the most popular New Year’s resolution each year is in regards to health. One person may want to lose weight or get toned, another may want to eat healthier food or become more active; if the changes are too drastic or hard to maintain, however, it becomes easy to fall back into old bad habits.

First Opinion Doctors Help With the Basics:

  • They have a scientific understanding of the body and its needs.
  • They are available any time to answer questions, offer suggestions and provide support.
  • They care about you and your health!

You can text your First Opinion doctor any time to get information, helpful tips or simply a word of encouragement to help keep you focused and on track to accomplish your goals.

“I have tried many different diets and workouts and none of them seemed to stick. It wasn’t until I chatted with my First Opinion doctor that I realized what I had been doing wrong. I developed a new plan of action to attain my goals. This is the longest that I have gone, staying consistent with my health plan, all thanks to my First Opinion doctor!” – First Opinion User

Download the application to seek help from medical professionals who are there for you 24/7. Your First Opinion Doctor will answer any health-related questions and help you understand key weight-loss basics. Healthy choices won’t seem so hard when you have your First Opinion doctor just a text message away.

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