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Meal Prep Tips

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Who has time for Lunch?

We have heard every excuse when it comes to neglecting one’s diet on a busy schedule. That Cro-nut might be easier to wolf down than a bowl of fruit on the way to that business meeting, but ultimately, your body needs to be properly fueled to meet the high demands of your schedule and job. Without the proper nutrition, your body will not only suffer, but so will your work. Fortunately our doctors have provided a few easy tips to properly fuel your busy days. These tips save you time and may even help you shed a couple of pounds.  Remember, First Opinion is the most personable telemedicine app with our team of dedicated 24/7 doctors.

Tip #1 – Prep Before the Week Begins!

Weekends are meant for relaxing, recharging and preparing for the week ahead. Part of that preparation should take place in the kitchen. Meal prepping for the week ahead will save you time and money for the week ahead. By picking out a set menu for all your meals and snacks, not only will you not have to worry about finding your next meal, but be able to maintain a consistent schedule of proper nutrition, avoiding overeating and making unhealthy choices. Text one of our 24/7 doctors today to start your prep.

Tip #2 – Don’t Believe the Hype; Avoid Gimmick Low-Cal Foods!

Many people think calories and fats are bad and should be avoided like the plague. While we aren’t saying you shouldn’t take those claims with a grain of salt, sometimes those low calorie foods you find at your grocery stores, are filled with syrups, hydrogenated oils and all around unnatural ingredients our bodies can’t properly digest. This is like putting discount gasoline in your car; great on your wallet, not so great on the engine. By prepping your own meals with nutritious whole foods, fruits, natural fats and proteins, you’ll know exactly what is going into your body.

Tip #3 – Snacks are your friends!

In order to maintain a steady metabolism, you should be snacking every 2-3 hours. No, we aren’t saying find your nearest vending machine, just include snacks into your meal plan. They can be as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with whole wheat bread, 8oz of almonds or 10oz of your favorite protein shake. Text our 24/7 doctors for more snack ideas.

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