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Tips for a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy

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It’s no wonder pregnant women need a doctor to answer their medical questions….

A lot can change with pregnancy, and I am not just talking about your wardrobe. As your body grows, your hormones fluctuate, your diet and exercise change, your energy decreases and your memory goes out the door—making it all the more difficult to remember what is and is not safe anymore.

Experienced family and friends can be valuable recourses, but with safety precautions constantly changing and progressing it can difficult to stay up to date on information.

First Opinion is helping pregnant women who might have some of the following medical questions, and more:

  • How much should I eat while pregnant?
  • What can or can’t I eat?
  • What vitamins do I need more of?
  • Are there any safe medications I can take?
  • What activities should I avoid?
  • How can I have safe sex?
  • What workouts are considered safe?
  • What foods help with nausea or heartburn?
  • How much weight should I gain?
  • How much sleep do I need a night?
  • How do I get a good nights rest?
  • How can I get rid of headaches?

First Opinion doctors can be there for you, every step of the way, to answer questions, check in on you and offer helpful suggestions.

“I had so many medical questions during pregnancy and even more after my daughter was born. My doctor was a total lifesaver, she offered some suggestions that I literally couldn’t have survived the first trimester nausea without!” –Kristi, First Opinion User

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