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Movember is here Mo’ Bros and Mo’ Sistas! Raise awareness for Men’s Health with First Opinion!

Halloween has ended and has succumbed to the reign of Movember. Yes, the season of the cookie duster is upon us. Read below to learn how growing a moustache raises awareness for men’s health during November. To learn more about the health issues men face, text your First Opinion doctor today.

What began as an idea between two friends in Australia has become a global force that has raised over half a billion dollars, raising awareness against the real ghouls and goblins that affect men’s health like cancer and mental illness. Long live the ‘Stache!

How Does Growing a Pushbroom Raise Awareness for Men’s Health?

In order to bring attention to a cause, one generally has to make a pretty bold statement. Movember began as a dare between 30 friends in Australia, has now grown into a international foundation established to help shed light on the fact that men are suffering from debilitating mental illness and gender specific cancers.

On average, men will die six years earlier than women, make up over three quarters of the suicides committed each year and are being diagnosed with prostate and testicular cancer at twice the rate that they were before. The Movember Foundation wants to prevent future generations of men from facing these hindrances by raising awareness and producing tangible results that will benefit men suffering from these debilitating gender specific ailments.

How Can I Help?

First off, everybody should talk to their doctor about men’s health issues. You can learn more about specific issues men face and if you, or somebody you love, might be at risk.

And of course… Men, start growing that mustache! Nothing is more of a conversation starter for men’s health than that hairy upper lip! Start clean shaven on November 1st and let that baby grow for 30 days. You will make mens’ lives healthier by making a fashionable and bold stance against cancer, mental illness and inactivity. Women can also participate, either by pledging donations or just showing support. It’s easy, Grow a Mo’, save a Bro.


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