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No Doctor’s Office Nearby? No Problem!

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Does going in to see your doctor take hours? No more with First Opinion! Get a diagnoses and treatment from your phone or computer!

When it comes to getting to the doctor’s office, things seem to just get in the way; whether due to inconvenient hours, not being able to take off work, long waiting time, or length travel distances, these issues are even more compounded for those living in rural areas.

With 20% of Americans living in the 6,000 federally designated areas with a shortage of primary care doctors in the United States, there is only 1 doctor for every 1,500 individuals, compared to 1 for every 800 in more urban areas. In fact, only 10% of all licensed doctors have offices in rural areas.

With fewer doctors, offices are likely to be further away from your home or office. In fact, the average distance to the doctor office in rural areas is about 20 miles, compared to 8 miles for the country on average. Rural residents have almost double the travel time of the average trip to the doctor (38 vs. 22 mins). And when you couple travel time with wait time (86 total clinic minutes on average), each trip can easily take 3 hours.

“This is an amazing service. What this company is doing is amazing to me. I appreciate the doctors you have and this puts hospital care into the hands of people who sometimes do not have the resources to visit a doctor immediately as we would like to.” -MJ, April 2016

If you’re tired of the hassle or worse, have been putting off a visit to the doctor, First Opinion can help! Via phone or our web app, you can reach a First Opinion doctor.

  • No travel or wait time. Head back from a doctor in under 3 minutes on average and respond at your own convenience.
  • Wherever you are. From the comfort of your home, desk, or even when you’re working outside.
  • Affordably. For just $39, get a prescription, refill, or lab test order with 2 months of free follow-ups.

Talk to a doctor in your state today!

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First Opinion is the free way to talk to a doctor

Talk with a doctor in minutes, 24/7, at work or home, even at 3AM. Our top-rated doctors are by your side for the little question or for the big concern. Download the app on iOS today.