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In English Please! No More Medical Jargon…

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My blood test results are back, now if only I knew what they meant…

The calendar had been marked, and today was the day. After I was ushered into the doctor’s office, he mumbled a few things to me while typing notes on his computer and I left with 4 ink-covered pages of what might as well have been Ancient Greek. Is that it?

I thought I had already done the hard part last week: depriving myself of breakfast and getting 6 vials of blood extracted from my veins. It may have been just your typical, run-of-the-mill blood test from a lab, but to me it was a chance to see all of my body’s particulars and how I could change things to improve my health. Was it all pointless?

No, not really. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket before I even started into the parking lot and asked my First Opinion doctor what all of the numbers meant. Without even so much as a full description of why I was texting her that day, my doctor knew who I was and began explaining the numbers I was sending her. She let me know that I could use more potassium and iron in my diet, and I can get it by eating all of the foods she was mentioning! How cool is that? I definitely recommend trying out the First Opinion iPhone application as it has helped me learn a ton about my own body and how to really manage my own health.

(Special thanks to guest blogger Sarah of Washington, DC for submitting her experience to First Opinion.)

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