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Parents: Peace of Mind for Pediatric Visits

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As a parent – whether it’s your first newborn, another bundle of joy, or multiple ages – your children’s well-being and development is always on your mind. We want what’s best for our kids – all the time. This has translated into an active ecosystem for pediatric services in the United States. Despite the National Institute of Health’s recommendation that children see a pediatrician 6 times in the first year, a study by Beneven Health found that new moms were visiting their pediatricians 16 or more times a year. This adds up to over 70 million pediatric visits per year for children ages 3 and under.

With growing demand for pediatricians’ time, visits to your doctor aren’t always getting you the peace of mind you were hoping for. Right off the bat, unless your pediatrician’s office has after-hours options or phone consultations, it will likely be at least a week before you can schedule time with your pediatrician. Once you’re there, you’re looking at an average wait time of 70 minutes! Whether it’s getting through paperwork, logistics with office staff, filling out insurance, or simply waiting for your turn, the waiting room is the majority of your visit. Then, finally, you’ll usually have, at most, 20 minutes with your pediatrician which includes the examination and any Q&A.

Only 20 out of 90 minutes of every visit to a pediatrician is spent with the doctor.

Without recourse, many parents turn to the emergency room. Among ER visits for non-chronic conditions (NCC), 39% of parents take their children in multiple times for everything from fevers to falls. Across the board, over 33% of NCC visits don’t require anything more than over-the-counter drugs (no prescriptions, further tests, or x-rays needed).

One-third of pediatric ER visits require no more than OTC treatments.

That’s why First Opinion aims to be your on-demand resource for whenever questions or concerns come up. See how new parents Samantha and Jordan get peace of mind 24/7 without going into the doctor’s office.

With First Opinion, one of our doctors can talk you through any concerns and questions you may have about your children in real-time. Ask questions whenever you have them (and get a response in under 3 minutes usually), and go back and forth with your doctor as much as you like. No more compiling for the the too-short visit. Here are a few of the most common topics usually covered during visits that you can now get answers to whenever you need them.

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For more information on how First Opinion is a great resource for parents, read our guide here complete with FAQs and common topics parents will talk with a First Opinion doctor about.

With a First Opinion doctor in your pocket, you’ll get continuous peace of mind without the hassle of appointments, wait rooms, rushed consults. Talk to a First Opinion doctor today!


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