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Quit Smoking: An Uphill Battle?

In recent years, smoking has become an even tougher habit to kick. The percentage of traditional smokers is down, 1 in 5 adults or 17.8% of the population are smokers. However, there continues to be a growing popularity in vaping and other alternative forms of smoking. We urge you to put an end to your habit; begin the process of quitting smoking today with help from your First Opinion Doctor.

Are E-Cigarettes a Safe and Useful Alternative?

Many people who are attempting to quit smoking find E-Cigarettes as a ‘safer’ form of smoking. Whoever said it was ‘safer’? The ‘safer’ alternative to traditional cigarettes still carries no ruling from the FDA and no extensive research showing the long term effects of prolonged use or chemicals found in both the nicotine cartridge and vapor.

Furthermore, both the CDC and American Cancer Society have found that individuals are likely to increase their nicotine consumption using an E-Cigarettes rather than the traditional combustible form. Regardless of the form, smoking is a detriment to your health.

Ask your doctor about all the long and short term effects your body experiences when smoking. The answers will terrify you. Ready to quit yet?

I’m Ready to Quit. What Should I Expect?

The thought of quitting may seem like a daunting task, especially when considering the variables. What day should I quit? Should I finish this pack first?  Should I quit after this stressful project at work? Can I still smoke during social outings? These factors may persuade you to put off quitting; nicotine is that powerful. In the long run though, it’s your body. Remember that the choices you make today will determine your health in the future.

Are we saying that it’s going to be easy? Of course not. Resisting the urge to smoke is a lifelong ordeal you will have to deal with. Not to say that it doesn’t get better. The more time you put between you and your last cigarette, the less likely you’ll desire to reset the clock. Make your First Opinion doctor a part of your support network. Text anytime to receive advice or information on how to keep tobacco out of your life for good. You can do this!

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