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Asking Your Doctor Real Medical Questions

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Excessive discharge, unusual smells, itching and bumps, oh my!

I tend to be fairly open about things in general, so a lot of people don’t realize how incredibly shy I am when it comes to anything medical related, even if it’s just my child’s fever or a splitting headache.

I am the type of person that carefully plots out tampon and pad purchases—darting to my target when the coast is clear. If, heaven forbid, someone happens to turn down the isle, I casually turn the other way and glance around with an inquisitive-consumer expression—only to realize after they leave that I am looking at a large selection of contraceptives or, worse, adult diapers.

I realize I am not the only girl in the world, but does that stop me from tucking the incriminating evidence under another larger purchase and quickly making my way to self-checkout? Nope, not one little bit.

Fast forward to the doctor’s office—my tongue freezes up, and I completely ignore my carefully crafted list of questions:

  • There is a strange smell coming from down there and it itches! What could this be?
  • I pee a little bit when I laugh or sneeze, am I the only one?
  • When should I be concerned about a mole?
  • Is spotting between periods normal?

Needless to say, I found so much relief when I downloaded the First Opinion app. My matched doctor is friendly and the format is so un-intimidating that I can chat freely and comfortably about anything. It has been nice to check a few of those questions off my list!

(Special thanks to guest blogger Tara of Maryland for submitting her experience to First Opinion.)

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