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How My Daughter’s Dairy Allergy Went Unnoticed

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When your child is suffering, you want nothing more than to find a solution.

Allergies can be hard to diagnose. Something is wrong, but what is the trigger? It can take a lot of time, energy and discomfort to find the culprit—even after bringing your child to the doctor’s office.

When you have access to your doctor 24/7, however, you can receive information a lot faster. You can text your First Opinion doctor anytime, and they can help you quickly determine possible allergens—allowing you to focus on taking the best care of your child sooner!

First Opinion Doctors are always available, so you can…

  • text your doctor after breakfast on Tuesday
  • send your concerns before bed on Friday
  • reach them in the middle of the night on Sunday

This means that anytime those terrible allergies show up, your doctor is right there with you. You are specifically matched with your doctor, so you speak to the same person each time; this helps them to better determine your family’s situation and needs.

“Thanks to an ongoing conversation with my First Opinion doctor, she was able to quickly catch my daughter’s dairy allergy. We were able to make the necessary changes to her diet right away and immediately saw improvement!” – Nikki, First Opinion User

Download the First Opinion app, so you can talk to a doctor at all times. It’s much easier to get to the cause of the problem faster. They respond in real time as things are progressing to give you current advice. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your doctor is just one, quick text message away.

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