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Picture Day is coming up and it’s a big deal.

Yes, that one day where we all will realize later on that bangs may have not been a great last minute choice or that maybe that retro Green Day shirt shouldn’t match the background you picked. While you may have a good laugh later down the line at these treasured keepsakes, for many teens, Picture Day is another reminder that you are suffering from acne.

Approximately 17 million individuals are affected by acne. 85% of those individuals are between the ages of 12 and 24. Now do you see why Picture Day can be such a big deal? But Picture Day and suffering from acne shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. In fact with the ability to text a doctor, you can get instant medical advice on how to improve your acne. To get you started, here are three detailed steps from our doctors proven to help aid and improve your skin dramatically.

  1.     Stop Touching your Face

I know that might seem like common knowledge, but do you ever think about how many times a day you touch your face? Whether to stop a sneeze, fix your hair, wipe your mouth or scratch an itch, we touch our faces a lot. Limiting this contact will prevent unwanted bacteria and oils from touching your face, which could further inflame and irritate your sensitive skin. Only touch your face when washing or rinsing with warm soapy water and a soft washcloth.

  1.     Wash your hands

We use our hands for just about everything. Many of the objects we touch are touched by others a lot, which is why you should always wash your hands. Properly washing your hands will lessen the bacteria on your hands, leaving your body and face less susceptible to unwanted oils and bacteria.

  1.     Don’t put too much stuff in your hair

Many times the treatments or products you use will block pores in your skin causing inflammation and blockage. Try and limit the amount of product you put in your hair or limit the amount of times you do hair per week. Your skin and the extra sleep you’ll get will thank you for it.

Ready for Picture Day Now?

Remember, you can always text a doctor with the First Opinion App to ask any questions you may have about your acne, getting treatment for it and how to cure it. In addition to your matched doctor, we also have a dermatologist on standby to help treat your acne.  We’re sure that in 5 years, even if your hair is wacky, at least you’ll be proud of your skin.

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