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The Internet is Terrifying

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Self-diagnosing Disaster

Its the classic scenario. You stub your toe and it seems to be hurting more than it should so you google it and BOOM… cancer. For as not funny as cancer is, it has become the joke of the web as health-related information gets more and more hidden behind sensationalist headlines and legalese. We wanted to try and capture some of the sentiment in our latest video, above, titled The Internet is Terrifying.

It’s smart to research online and to double check the opinions we get from friends and even doctors online, but why work yourself in to a frenzy. No matter what you read, it should be validated by a doctor who is completely aware of you and your situation, who can give you the timely advice you need without the serving of fear.

So, come on internet, do your worst! We’ve got First Opinion now to back up the truth and offer a professional medical opinion, 24-hours a day.

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