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UTIs: Why You Should (and can) Talk to a Doctor Immediately

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Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are one of the most prevalent illnesses in the United States. In fact, it’s the #1 most common bacterial infection for women. Accounting for over 2 million doctor visits and 100,000 hospitalizations yearly, UTIs are a physical and mental hassle.

For more information about urinary tract infections, including frequently asked questions and preventative measures, check out First Opinion’s 101 guide to UTIs.

According to a survey by National Women’s Health Resource Center, among women who contracted a urinary tract infection, or UTI, 39% said they hoped the infection would go away on its own, 24% said they were too busy to see a doctor, and 23% treated it by themselves.

In a recent study, 60% of women who skipped treatment tested positive for the infection after 1 week.

While it is possible for symptoms to go away on their own, the National Kidney Foundation recommends consulting a doctor if symptoms don’t improve in 2 days. With the risk of kidney infection – a much more dangerous and expensive ailment – increasing each day, individuals who think they might have, or show, symptoms of a UTI should talk to a medical professional immediately.

With risk of potential complications rising with each passing day, First Opinion aims to be an immediate first stop to quickly triage and get treatment. Thousands of users across the United States have talked to their First Opinion doctor about a UTI concern with average response times under 3 minutes.

To understand why customers come to First Opinion first for UTI concerns, we’ve outlined the direct and opportunity costs of immediate and delayed treatment. Numerical estimates are based on average public clinic and pricing data.

UTI blog table

When UTIs are left untreated or not cared for properly, hospitalization may be required which could cost $1,800 per day!

First Opinion is the best option if you are looking to save both time and money. While Primary Care visits can save you out-of-pocket costs when you have insurance, it could take days to get an appointment with your physician. Not to mention, Urgent Care and Primary Care options both require driving and likely taking time from work or your normal daily activities. With First Opinion, you can start talking to a doctor minutes after you experience symptoms and even receive treatment the very same day. Cost of treatment is low regardless of insurance status (while we see the prices dramatically increase for patients heading to Primary Care without insurance coverage).

Prior to First Opinion, either time or money was sacrificed to treat your UTI as efficiently and as thoroughly as possible; therefore, treating it at home, or hoping it goes away, may have been viable options (especially if symptoms aren’t that bad). With First Opinion, you do not need to compromise your time or money; you can start treating your UTI right away at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, the additional costs of in-person follow-ups and ongoing treatment can multiply the dollars and, of course, the hours needed for treatment. With First Opinion, we’ll not only be with you for every step of your UTI treatment, but we are also available 24/7 for any other health-related question.

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