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How Soon Is Too Soon to Venture Out with Your New Baby?- Get maternity advice from First Opinion Doctor

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We want to see them experience the world, but to be safe while doing so.

Nothing quite prepares you for that feeling of excitement, and absolute panic, when you bring your precious baby boy or girl home from the hospital for the first time. Now what? Are you on house arrest? When is it too soon to break out of the newborn bubble and join the world again as a rock-star mama? You and your baby have a new, vibrant and exciting life to live, after all.

Your First Opinion doctor is not only a medical professional and a mother, but she is also a friend who can provide you maternity advice. She can inform you on when it is safe to take your sweet baby out for the first time and what she simply wouldn’t leave the house without. She’s already been there and done that, so she can help you feel confident and prepared for your first venture out.

“My First Opinion Doctor totally saved me when I went out for the first time with my son. I thought I had everything I would need, but she helped me remember a few key items my new, mommy brain would have totally forgotten. Let’s just say, I’m really glad she reminded me to pack some extra baby clothes! – Jenn, A First Opinion user

Whether you’re unsure about weather, germs, what to take, how long to be out or good places to go, having a doctor just a text message away to provide you any maternity advice can be really helpful. She may even check in with you after to see how it went!

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