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When “Just Give it Some Time” Makes You Cringe

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I am glad that the abdominal pain was just indigestion, but I wish I had known that before I left work…

We have all been there, the busy waiting room, full of loud nose blowers, crying children and that one person that is either so deliriously ill that they are unaware of their surroundings or they are intentionally coughing in your face. Well if I wasn’t sick before…

I started to feel some unusual abdominal pain this morning, but rather than take my chances in the crowded waiting room and told to “just give it some time”—I learned that lesson before—I downloaded the First Opinion application on my iPhone and then messaged my matched doctor immediately to ask what she thought it could be.

She told me what abdominal pain typically is, why it happens, how to find some relief and what signs to watch for to know if it is a more serious concern! My stomach still kind of hurt, but I was now empowered with valuable information—information I didn’t have to leave work to get! I was then able to decide for myself that I didn’t need to travel half way across town and could wait to see how things turn out over the next day or so. Welcome to the future of healthcare. 🙂

(Special thanks to guest blogger Lisa of New Jersey for submitting her experience to First Opinion.)

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