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When Stomach Pain Turns Into Something More Serious

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It can be difficult to determine when a common issue has become a more serious concern. 

When the pain is easy to ignore, we generally just push it aside and tell ourselves it will pass soon. However, sometimes the pain isn’t easy to ignore and can cause serious, and legitimate, concern.

“I texted my First Opinion doctor to tell her I was having terrible pain in my belly region. And, after asking a few detailed questions, she suggested that I to head to the ER right away. Turns out I had appendicitis, and they were able to treat me in a very timely manner. I don’t think I would have gone to the ER on my own; she saved my life by telling me to go when she did.” – Susan, First Opinion User

With First Opinion, there is no need to sit around, anxiously wondering what might be causing your pain and when it will go away. A quick text to your doctor will get you the information and answers you need. It doesn’t matter what day of the week, or what time of the day, your First Opinion doctor is ready to help.

Tell them your concern:

  1. Text your doctor and tell them your concern
  2. They will ask questions to help determine the cause
  3. They inform you on your concern and educate you on your options

The next time you are suffering from pain, you can quickly and easily text your First Opinion doctor. Your doctor can help educate you when a doctor’s visit is necessary and when it is not. Download the application to get that first opinion and that peace of mind.

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