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Why texting my doctor feels like texting a friend

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Your First Opinion doctor is just a quick text away – anytime, anywhere.

When it comes to getting information, I generally know who to go to for what: for recipe ideas, I text my mother-in-law; for music recommendations, I text my brother; for travel deals, I text my best friend from college; and for all of my medical concerns, I text my First Opinion doctor. Just like my mother-in-law, my brother and my best friend, my First Opinion doctor knows who I am and cares about my family and me.

Because you are matched with your doctor, you speak with the same doctor and her staff every time. They get to know you, your family and your needs. They remember your questions and concerns, and they follow up to make sure everything is going well.

There is no bad time to text your doctor; when you have a medical question in the middle of the night or over the weekend, you can text them and be confident that you will receive free medical answers within 10 minutes or less.

Just like texting a good friend, there is no insignificant question; there is no silly concern. You don’t need to feel embarrassed. Your First Opinion doctor will take the time to understand your concerns and you will receive free medical answers at any time.

“While I was pregnant, I texted my First Opinion doctor all the time. She was there for me before I even found out I was pregnant and all the way through to my third trimester. Going through pregnancy for the first time would have been much harder without her!” – Karen, First Opinion User

Your personal doctor is just a quick text away via the First Opinion application, anytime, anywhere. They will be there for you when you need them, just like your friends.

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