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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Despite the rising temperatures and fluctuations of the global climate the past decade, winter time still means it’s layering time! Whether living in Fargo, North Dakota or Santa Monica, California, dressing smart for colder weather can prevent ailments ranging from dry skin to hypothermia. Fortunately our team of Doctors at First Opinion have provided a list of preventative measures and tips to use against the cold this winter season for everybody, including parents with newborns and toddlers!

What Should I Wear?

Winter truly is a magical time of year. Aside from the festivities and general cheer permeating throughout the season, there is something to be said about the soft caress of a winter breeze and the chill it sends through the very core of our being. Although it may look magical outside, remember that exposure to extremely cold temperatures can be dangerous, especially for children. Before braving the cold, either by yourself or with your child, run through this layering checklist:

  • Base Layer/First Layer

Wool Socks

Thermal Underwear

Sock and Glove Liner (Optional)

  • Second Layer

Long Sleeve Shirt

Denim or Heavy Weight Pants

Snow Pants (Optional)

  • Third Layer



Toque or Beanie

Heavy Coat (Waterproof)

Waterproof Boots

Scarf or Neck Gaiter

A few tips…

Print this checklist off.

Keep it by the door. Not only will this prevent you from forgetting a key piece of clothing, but can also be a fun activity for getting ready with your kids.

Hats are in.

Investing in a quality hat (and mittens) will also make a difference between a happy outing versus a frigid disaster. Keeping as much heat in is crucial to a successful and cozy winter experience.

Scarf Skeptic?

To prevent choking hazards, try use a balaclava or neck gaiter instead of a traditional scarf. These not only will prevent children from getting tangled or ensnared in objects such as branches or bushes, but actually are more effective in covering larger areas of skin without being too bulky.

What am I forgetting?

Remember to grab your favorite brand of lip balm for when you’re on the go. Chapped lips often flare up during the dry, cold and sometimes windy winter weeks. It’s something that many of us just tend to just “deal with,” but this winter, be ready and keep your lips healthy and hydrated. You’ll be smiling big come spring.

Text your doctor if you have more questions and remember that your doctor is available for any winter concern that you or your family may have!

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