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How are we different?

What’s Different About First Opinion?


Relationship-Based Urgent Care

Patients want to have their cake and eat it too. With First Opinion, it’s not too much to ask.

We provide cost effective, efficient, and high quality healthcare to patients anytime, anywhere. Our model matches users with set relationship managers to provide free, unlimited, 24/7 text messaging with responses in 60-seconds to consistently manage the patient experience over time. These relationship managers can even follow up for you – providing more thorough care while allowing doctors to be more efficient with their time. Having a primary relationship manager ensures regular check-ins, preventative care, improved comprehension, reduced risk post-treatment, and higher patient satisfaction.


Tele-triage for Treatment

There’s no better way to defend against the primary care crisis than reducing unnecessary doctor’s visits.Our relationship managers utilize text messaging to triage and educate patients prior to doctor consultations, ensuring your time isn’t spent unless it’s needed. Because our patients are prepared for the consult, you can efficiently provide treatment and trust that your patient will have the best outcome with the follow through of the relationship manager.


Actively Engaged Patients

Unlike other direct-to-consumer telemedicine applications, we have patients who are engaged. Regardless of health, we find out users come back to our application to chat and ask questions of their relationship manager 2.4 times a month, on average. Our users aren’t un-installing the First Opinion app after their consult is complete. They are coming back for more. In fact, 32% of referrals to a local doctor result from follow up check ins from our relationship managers.