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Welcome to the future of healthcare.

A truly next generation doctor experience available today on First Opinion.

Get matched with a doctor

There’s nothing more frustrating than starting over fresh with a new doctor everytime. That’s why First Opinion matches members with one doctor and a small team of after-hours doctors.

Text your doctor questions

Waiting rooms are the worst. By using texting as the medium of communication, both member and doctor can message each other as issues arise. No appointments. Just instant answers.

Doctors text back in a matter of minutes

Speed is just as important as trusted answers. What good is the right information if it comes at the wrong time? First Opinion delivers answers faster than it takes to read one article online.

Open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week

Every doctor has a small team of assistant doctors that take over after-hours so that every member can get the answers they need whether on a jog or in bed. First Opinion never sleeps.

Frequent check-ins from your doctor

Your First Opinion doctor will never forget about you. They balance their daily load with the importance of building longterm friendships with their existing members.

Free every single month

For most people First Opinion is completely free. Every member can ask unlimited questions of their matched doctor and receive a response within 24 hours (and often within minutes). For certain states, you can talk to a doctor in your area who can prescribe, diagnose, or order other services for $39.

More than answers, have a discussion

Health issues are hard to cram in to a question. That’s why First Opinion doesn’t have a “submit question” form anywhere! Simply text your doctor, 100 times if you like. We’re here to listen and help.

Top rated, well trained doctors

First Opinion specializes in what’s called good bedside manner. This is how a doctor essentially makes a patient feel when they interact. Not only are our doctors good doctors, they have world class bedside manner.