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When you register with First Opinion, you are assigned a Matched Doctor. Every time you use the app you interact with the same doctor. You can message them with any medical questions and concerns – for free – 24/7.


  • Licensed physicians. Studied at some of the top medical universities.
  • CME. Fulfill strict Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements to stay current on Primary Care best practices.
  • Peer Reviewed. Undergo clinical peer reviews to ensure superior medical knowledge.
  • Telehealth Specialists. Experts in a rapidly growing field with specialized training in communicating with patients and diagnosing over the phone and with online video.
  • Global Network. Part of a global network designed so users receive faster response times and 24/7 access to medical professionals.
  • Exceptional Bedside Manner. Take the time to listen and care about your wellbeing.