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Should you go to the Doctor for a Common Cold?

Common Cold

Too Sick for the Office? 


Common colds are pretty much impossible to escape. What’s worse is that most people are extremely unproductive while having a cold.

In many cases, taking a sick day has a better company ROI than having you work while sick. 

The real question is what should be done if you awaken with common cold symptoms that make you feel awful? 



If you’re just coughing you can go to work in most scenarios. If you have this symptom alone it’s probably safe to go to work and you’ll get a considerable amount of work done. 

Recurring coughing or mucus means you actually have a common cold. If the mucus becomes dark, then go see a doctor. 

If the cough causes a pain anywhere or makes it difficult to breathe, then there’s a chance of bronchitis or pneumonia and you should reach out to a doctor. 

Sweating and Goosebumps


If you’re absolutely covered in sweat and have constant chills and goosebumps, STAY OUT OF THE OFFICE. You probably won’t be productive. If your temperature is over 100 degrees, you might have the flu which means you should stay away from work, family, and friends until you feel better. 

Netflix and staying in might be your best bet. 

If you notice any sort of white patches on your tonsils, call up a doctor and get a strep test. Strep throat is extremely contagious. 


If you’re sniffling, it’s very likely that you have allergies. You can go to work, but keep in mind that the allergy medicine you are taking may put you to sleep as many of them often do. If your allergies persist for more than a few days, call a doctor or message us on first opinion and we can help. 


In some scenarios, a common cold can cause ear pain and infection. 

Sinus Pains

If you have pain in the sinus areas in your head, then go ahead and call in sick. A sinus infection usually makes it really difficult to work. 


Waking up with a headache and sneezing could mean that you have an aggressive cold. Especially if it is coupled with congestion and body aches. 

If you’re sensitive to noise and light, just stay out of the office. 

Any time you have a recurring headache, it’s always important to see a doctor. 

Red or Pink Eyes

If your eyes are red or pink and have creamy white or yellow stuff in the corners, you have pink eye which is extremely contagious and you should stay away from the office. 

Wash your hands as often as possible when you have this.